How to Download Envato Premium Templates for Free – Updated (2024)

Envato Elements Free templates

Envato Elements indeed stands as a prominent platform in the digital asset realm, catering to the diverse needs of creators worldwide. Originally incubated in Melbourne, Australia, it has burgeoned into a powerhouse, providing an extensive array of digital resources across various domains.

Its inventory spans a plethora of creative materials, ranging from WordPress templates to fonts, graphics, illustrations, photos, audio files, and videos, effectively serving as a one-stop destination for creators seeking inspiration and tools for their projects.

One of the recent enhancements to the service is the integration of EnvatoTuts+ content, augmenting the value proposition for subscribers with over 1,200 video courses and eBooks. This amalgamation not only amplifies the repository of digital assets but also equips subscribers with invaluable educational resources to hone their skills and leverage the assets effectively.

The amalgamation of a vast library of digital assets with educational content underscores Envato Elements’ commitment to empowering creators with both the tools and knowledge requisite for success in their endeavors.

As for its accessibility, Envato Elements operates on a subscription-based model, offering varying plans to cater to different user needs. While premium access entails a cost, the platform also offers avenues for users to explore its offerings for free through trials or promotions.

In essence, Envato Elements embodies the convergence of creativity and education, facilitating a symbiotic relationship between digital assets and the skill sets required to leverage them adeptly.

In this article, we’ll explore what this service has to offer, how it works, how much it costs, and how we can get premium templates for free.

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What is Envato Elements?

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Elements is an online marketplace that boasts over a million digital assets, including audio clips, images, video footage, and graphic design templates. Whether you are a web developer, visual content creator, or freelancer, there are numerous reasons why considering becoming an Envato Elements member is a great choice.

The library consists of many high-quality assets, with new files being constantly added week after week. The one difference between Envato Elements and its competitors is that it offers no download limits. The number of files one can download is unlimited.

Well, now you must be thinking, can I use these assets in your commercial projects or for your clients. The simple answer is yes; you can. There is nothing to worry about – the subscription comes with a commercial license.

Envato Elements subscribers also gain free access to EnvatoTuts+. EnvatoTuts+ offers thousands of courses, e-books, and how-to tutorials on various subjects, such as Web Design, Music & Audio, Business, Photo & Video, and more.

Cost and what is included in Envato Elements.

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As you can see from the image above, Envato Elements provides two Subscription Plans:

  • Monthly plan: $33 plus applicable local taxes billed monthly.
  • Yearly plan: $198 plus applicable local taxes billed yearly (equivalent to $16.50 per month).

With this, you no longer have to pay annually to gain access to the 1000+ WordPress themes and plugins (in addition to the other assets) as it now doesn’t matter whether you choose to pay monthly or yearly. You can download everything available from Envato Elements while your subscription is active.

However, there is always a benefit of paying yearly, and that’s that you’ll save 50% over the year compared to paying monthly.

Envato Elements library contains the following [but not limited to] types of digital assets:

Is the Envato Subscription Worth it?

Yes, it unquestionably is worth it. Envato Elements offers over a million digital assets at a meagre price starting from $16,50 per month. Do you want to make your creative mark on the world or take your projects to a whole new level? Sign up for Envato Elements membership may be a good idea.

Reasons you should consider worth buying:

  • Subscribe once, and no need to worry for the entire year.
  • No need to worry about copyright infringements and commercial licensing.
  • No need to browse through N number of websites. You find it all here.
  • The digital presence is top-notch, and you can concentrate on creating more content.

Get Premium Templates For Free on Envato Elements

Envato Elements offer free templates every month. These include themes, plugins, design templates, mockups, typography, audio, visuals, and many more.

This free template can be saved to your collection and can be used multiple times in commercial projects. All you have to do is create a free account, and Kudos, you get access to high-quality assets every month.

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It is impressive that Envato Elements offers access to this massive library of high-quality assets at a price of just $33 per month (or the equivalent of $16.50 per month if you pay yearly).

As a Blogger and Web Developer, I now have a seemingly endless supply of images and Web Template kits that I can use to enhance my articles and projects. Now that CMS themes and plugins are also available, it is as easy as quickly downloading a website template to present to a client as a starting point or grabbing some attractive new fonts for a project that saves a lot of time and effort helping to improve your bottom line.

Based on the current library of assets from Elements, this marketplace becomes highly suggested for anyone who wants a steady stream of WordPress themes, plugins, templates, mockups, and a wide range of other visual content at an affordable price. Envato Elements is still a great value proposition, even if you only need a handful of things for a project.

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