What Are The Disadvantages Of Using WordPress?

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Well, we all know how good of a Content Management System WordPress is. It powers almost 1/3rd of the millions of websites hosted on the Internet. Over the last few years, the market share has risen, reaching almost 33.4%, and that number has only got better.

WordPress was introduced just as a blogging platform. But over the period, it has been established as the best CMS whether you want to build a static portfolio website or start an e-commerce store online. A huge Marketplace of WordPress Plugins and Themes provides you the functionality of doing every job you need. Isn’t that amazing.

But is WordPress all about perfection and the advantages, or does it has some flaws of its own? Well, this article is exactly for that. We will be going over the disadvantages of using WordPress.

Disadvantages of Using WordPress

#1 Vulnerability and Data Security

One of the biggest disadvantages of using WordPress is that it can be vulnerable in multiple cases. Being on the internet means your website is susceptible to getting hacked and spammed by comments and user registrations. The popularity of WordPress itself makes it the main target for hackers to get into WordPress. Even though you have all of the security plugins be it premium or free, it is not enough to keep your website safe as WordPress is an open-source platform, and that is all the room a techie needs. 

Although to mitigate this risk, it is crucial to select the right themes and plugins for your website. With this comes the quality of the WordPress plugin, it is always a good practice to know more about the author and go through the reviews and ratings of the plugin. This will give you a fair idea of how secure the plugin/theme could be.

Speaking about facts, WordPress has been registered with the highest number of vulnerabilities with at least 30,823 out of 42,106 of the identified websites. This clearly indicates that almost 73% of the WordPress plugins or themes have vulnerabilities.

#2 Frequent Updates

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You must be thinking updates are the best thing that happened to technology. So why is it a disadvantage of having frequent updates?
Well, simply installing WordPress isn’t going to do the job for you. To support it, you need to install several plugins and themes. The more plugins you have, the more you’ll be encountering compatibility challenges. Keep in mind that things are constantly changing to benefit and improve the user experience.

You must constantly log on to your site to review the dashboard to see if your theme or plugins have received any updates. That is exactly the reason why do WordPress websites require high maintenance. With all of these updates happening there is a high possibility of incompatibility between your plugins resulting in your site crashing.

Problems such as updating core WordPress can be troublesome as updating can break some of the functionality. It is always recommended to backup up your site before updating anything.

#3 Bad SEO Rankings

In order to rank higher on Google the SEO optimizing features offered by WordPress is not enough. If you truly want to maximize your SEO efforts, you need stronger software and technology to outrank other medical practices in a competitive market.

Additionally, you will need a SEO expert that will do all the research for you by targeting relevant keywords versus only a handful of keywords in your niche. Most SEO specialists only do a handful of keywords, which isn’t going to impact your search engine rankings. However, with more keywords, it will help your practice be found in the search engines. It is best to begin with long tail keywords.

#4 Page Speed Issues

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Although there have been improvements time and time, WordPress is still a slow CMS considering all the added plugins, oversaturated databases, and themes.

However, just the codebases or scripts aren’t the only things that slow down your site. Heavy images, a lot of unnecessary wording on a page also impact your website speed. To deal with large images, WordPress released support for a new file format known as the WebP. Learn all about it in this article on How to convert JPEG to WebP.

Nevertheless, Page speed is crucial to your website. A fast-loading site is always good for your audience as you don’t want them to get impatient and decide to leave, which can cause you to lose business because they won’t see what you have to offer. Page speed also affects your SEO ranking. Check your page speed today using Google Page Speed Insights. To increase page speeds, we have a complete article on How can I speed up my WordPress site without plugins?

#5 Requires a lot of Customization

Just like the other drag and drop web builder tools out there, WordPress is quite a flexible tool. However, if you don’t have a hands on, or if you don’t have a skilled WordPress developer assigned for your job, you might face some serious issues. Well, the job could be done but the path followed to achieve it will be disastrous for the long term.

Problems such as updating core WordPress as well the PHP versions can be a task as it involves the risk of breaking some of the functionality.


Although WordPress is popular due to its simplicity and is considered an inexpensive way for businesses to get started online, you can give it though before building your business website on WordPress.

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