What is Visual Composer for WordPress?

Visual Composer WordPress made easy.

Created for the Experts

Visual Composer Website Builder is a WordPress plugin created for experts and beginners that lets you build stunning websites using hundreds of elements, beautiful pre-designed templates, and powerful addons to help set your website into an attractive and user-friendly design.

With Visual Composer for WordPress, you can create more complex layouts using a drag-and-drop editor from the front-end of your site.

Visual Composer also helps you build a website without touching a line of code or give your customers an easy way to edit content. With a simple drag and drop functionality, Visual Composer lets you add columns, content blocks, images, accordions, calls to action, and many more website elements to build any website fast and easily. This means that you can forget about coding!

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What does Visual Composer offer?

It offers everything you need to build the perfect Portfolio or Business Corporate Website.

VC Theme Library

Website Templates

Website builder bundles heaps of pre-designed responsive templates created for landing pages, portfolios, product pages, business and service sites – for any type of website to be created fast and easy.

Content Elements

Text & image fields, contact forms, and testimonials; CTA buttons, social media integration, video backgrounds, and much more to be able to build an effective website.

Drag and Drop Interface

One of the core features that let you customize your website by simply moving and managing the website’s layout and elements across the page. No coding is needed – the website builder is made so you can build a website without technical skills.

Content Elements

Visual Composer Hub

Template and elements library with unlimited access for Premium users. New templates and elements are released every week. Regular updates with new features and tools to enhance the user experience.

Header, Footer, Sidebar Editor

With the editor, you can build your own header, footer, and sidebar or download ready-to-use templates from the Visual Composer Hub. If until now, theme users were stuck on a certain theme’s header, footer, or sidebar design, then now this gives you free hands to determine your own custom designs.

Valuable Page Insights

Visual Composer Insights does just that. It helps you analyze and optimize your WordPress site content in real-time. With Insights, you can improve the quality, performance, and SEO ranking of your page before even publishing it.

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What differentiates Visual Composer from WP Bakery?

WPBakery Page Builder takes care of the content part. At the same time, the Visual Composer Website Builder is a new product that aims to offer solutions for creating the whole website (ex. add a logo, header, footer, and menu elements).

Regarding design options, Visual Composer Website Builder offers a lot more features. Visual Composer has the Hub – a library of premium class elements and templates that receive regular updates regarding elements and templates.

Visual Composer™ is created using brand-new technologies that make the website builder super fast and stable. This means websites built by using Visual Composer will perform at a much better place.

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